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Brand Design, SEO, Web design

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Web Agency – Three specialized services in interaction


Design, web design, online marketing

As a web agency based in Munich, we are specialists in holistic solutions. Because we offer you three specialized services in one. A trio in perfect harmony. Graphic design, web design & online marketing. Design skills, web technologies and search engine marketing – three skills for your coherent brand presence. About the order of the Fremuth Consulting Institute We were particularly pleased for a holistic brand presence. Because creating a website and embedding it in a coherent brand presence is the key to success in the digital age. We think your advertising through to the end in order to increase the visibility, reach, sales and growth of your website. In short, to successfully place you on the digital marketplace! Contact us! We make sure that you too are found on the web and convince visitors!


Web Agency – Design: image design, visualizations, Logo design

Do you know the famous AIDA formula of convincing advertising agencies? Generate attention, start interest, arouse wishes and trigger buying actions! These principles also apply to your website. Because creating a website that stands out on the Internet means first and foremost working with interesting motifs and pleasant colors. So we first designed the logo for this web design and then image ideas and their visualizations. The renowned Munich photographer Duo Kubinska & Hofmann implemented these templates in the photo shoot. Masterful photos were created that captured the magic and extraordinary personality of Kristina Fremuth. Beautiful images, with which we were now able to create the final artwork for the web design in Photoshop. We used a creative technique to digitally merge the photos from the shoot with scenic surroundings. In addition to the image design, we also designed the logo as an important element of the visual identity


Web agency – web design: content, web technologies & functionality

After the graphic preparations, we could now start to create the responsive homepage. We ordered the hosting from the provider, installed the WordPress, activated the appropriate template and a variety of functional plugins. Subsequently we researched the key words we were looking for in order to create content and structures on this basis. In the next step we created the navigation for the web design as a one pager, in order to provide visitors with a pleasant user experience. In the next steps we adapted the images in the correct formats so that we could then upload them to the server. As a web agency, we support you with the latest digital innovations and thus offer you websites on the cutting edge of innovation. We work with the most beautiful templates, useful features and popular plugins.


Web Design – Google Search Engine Marketing [SEM]

The third pillar that we offer you as a web agency is a fundamental one. By marketing your website on the Internet, we advertise your company in the global sales room. There are various techniques for this, which are divided into optimizations onpage and offpage. Online marketing, digital marketing, web marketing. Many names with one goal: Google search engine marketing. Basically, it is about guiding the flow of visitors online to your website or webshop. And to connect people who are looking for your services on the web with your offers on the internet. For this goal we offer you as a web agency three specialized services that work together. Brand design, web design and digital marketing. With this combination, we put your top ranking at the center of our planning right from the start. In detail, we offer you these options for your Google search engine marketing [SEM]:

  • Search engine optimization [SEO] – Onpage & Offpage
  • Google Ads [SEA] – Advertising campaign & web campaign – Google search network, display network, video network [YouTube] & Shopping campaigns
  • Social Linking – Social Medias – Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, Twitter, Pinterest, online platforms


We thank the Fremuth Consulting Institute!

Many thanks for the good cooperation to Kristina Fremuth – we look forward to accompanying you further.

Kristina Fremuth recently joined the Hermann Scherer International Speaker-Slam 2020 in Munich, where she was honoured for best speaker in the category Corporate. We congratulate you on this excellent success!



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