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Bavarian State Library in Munich


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Exhibition Marketing

About the assignment for the design of the marketing media for the communication of the exhibition Passion for Collecting [1558-2008]. Treasures from the holdings of the Bavarian State Library in 2008 we were particularly pleased. Because Marlene Kern Design, online advertising agency, should be the centerpiece of the celebrations in the 450. Design the anniversary year with a series of 8 exhibitions by the Bavarian State Library in Munich.


Visual design concept

For us as a design agency, this task meant developing a visual motif that could communicate all 8 exhibitions. We found a connecting element in the name of the gallery rooms, the treasury.

We created a visual reference to this exhibition location with a string of pearls. We projected the most beautiful motif of the respective exhibition onto each of the 8 pearls using a digital collage. We left the ninth pearl neutral, as a visualization for the institution itself.


Media in Corporate Design

After the final approval of our draft, we formed all desired marketing media in a uniform design. In addition to the poster design, the project volume also included the creation of an information flyer, flags, exhibition boards, advertisements and stamps.



Graphic Designer, Web Designer & Online Marketing Specialist

Marlene Kern Design, online advertising agency offers the creative services of a design agency, a web agency and an online marketing agency from a single source. With holistic digital brand management, we offer our customers maximum visibility with a high reach in an efficient process.

Thus, we not only design the design of projects and companies, but also implement this in all media. In this way we create the website, brochures and posters in a uniform appearance and at the same time ensure successful online advertising on all platforms. For example, with online advertising campaigns in social media or with the Google Ads program.

With the creation of concepts and texts, we round off our services into a comfortable overall package.



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