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About This Project

Build websites

We create your WordPress website with a holistic concept. Because Marlene Kern Design, online advertising agency in Munich offers you a fine complete package from a single source. Brand design, web design, SEO, search engine optimization & online marketing.

In this way, we offer you outstandingly beautiful websites with our finger on the pulse of the latest web technologies, which we also embed in a holistic strategy. We combine a wide range of specialized competencies to achieve the optimal performance for your website. As a result, we position your website with top rankings on Google. And in this way, we ensure that you are found by new target groups on the Internet.


Web Designer & Advertising Agency

We provide you with holistic and well-thought-out services. Because with this quality we prepare your sustainable success. This starts with the analysis of your market competitors in order to find the promising niches for you. We then align our brand strategy and marketing concept with this when we create your website.

Keyword research also plays an important role right from the start. Because we plan your top ranking in the conception. In the further process, we create all content, texts and slogans around your relevant keywords.


Creating websites with WordPress

Have your WordPress website created – we use the most beautiful and fastest designs for you. In addition, we optimize the templates for your mobile devices. So that your homepage also presents itself optimally to mobile visitors.

We create your homepage individually to match your corporate personality and your industry. Because the aesthetics immediately make visitors feel at home on your website.

We attach particular importance to the imagery. We realize image ideas either with stock images or with photo shoots, which we implement for you with first-class photographers.


Create homepage

We create your perfect website. We accompany you with professional services until the launch of your beautiful new website. We support you in every single step with specialized know-how. With our wealth of experience, you will also receive the best advice. We will guide you comfortably through the process. Fast. Efficient. Successfully!



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