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Material Icons

UI material Icons are based on a design language that Google developed specifically for screens. Google has developed solutions for the optimal screen design. For graphic designers and web designers, websites and apps have their own requirements for legibility, but also for aesthetics.


Google’s design language is a guide with different components such as web-safe colors, a grid system for layouts and a recommended font. And Google has even thought of the visualization of light and shadow on the Internet. Because material ui icons with the guidelines for the design of subtly flowing surface colors, these become a haptic experience on the screen.


Icon Design

Icon UI design especially for screens are a wonderful way to make light and shadow pleasantly noticeable on the web. Marlene Kern, Art & Products – Inspiration for independent minds, we designed this material design icon according to Google specifications.


The colors, shapes and shadows of this Material Design logo correspond exactly to the Google system. We have vectorized both the round area and the icon itself in order to achieve the smallest possible amount of data. We created the soft feel of this logo design with finely nuanced shadows that are barely visible, but noticeable.


Graphic Designer

As graphic designers, we are happy to implement your material design logos. Because we find the simple simplicity and clarity of this design style not only modern and functional. But above all, it is wonderfully haptic and sensual. We design your ui material logo, but also navigation elements such as buttons and layouts, web-optimized according to Google guidelines. With subtle color gradients, we design pleasant screen surfaces for you in order to beautify your and your target groups’ daily work on the computer.


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