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Design a poster

Creating beautiful posters is a special task for us. It is important to bring a topic to the point in a striking way. We created this poster for the application of the Latin American Film Days.


The Cine de Latinoamerikano festival shines annually with film contributions that deal with social issues. It was all the more important for us to contribute to the success of this relevant cultural event by designing a striking poster.


The key visual for the film festival was a motif from a film with Ricardo Darín. Because the organizers dedicated a tribute to this wonderful actor this year. We also liked the expression of the main actor with his Mediterranean environment. We also found the colorfulness attractive. That’s why they amplified a little to make the advertising media shine even more intensively.


In addition to the poster design, we also created other marketing media such as the program brochure and various advertisements.


Create advertising poster

For us as graphic designers, creating posters is the supreme discipline among the many media. Whether for advertising art & culture events. Or to communicate news from businesses and companies.


In both cases, the aim is to organize information and present the most important things in a way that can be grasped quickly. But first, the attention of target groups must be aroused. This is where design finds its excellent role. Because with a real eye-catcher, we turn our customers’ posters into successful eye-catchers.


Create an advertising poster – We design a charming eye-catcher for you, as our customer, in any case. Because with surprising ideas and beautiful picture motifs, we ensure that you reach your target groups.


You too can commission us with your poster design. We design beautiful posters that communicate information and news in an exciting way.


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