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Branding Agency


Branding Agency

For this job, Marlene Kern Design, Online Advertising Agency & Web designer, was entrusted with the holistic Brand design. Branding Online shop for a retailer with date products. In addition to the name development, we should also design a modern logo. In addition to many order components such as the creation of an advertising campaign and SEO, however, the implementation of the Online shop with Shopware was the centerpiece.


Name development

Our suggested name, Forrer Food, was an instant hit. So we were able to start with the design quickly. We were pleased about the name our customer chose. Because successful brands need one thing above all: a nice name. We saw this requirement fulfilled in the pleasant and sonorous, easily understandable and international name.


Icon Design

In the next step we started with the logo design. Round, of course, which shape would also go better with date products? So we arranged the name along with some information on a dark brown background. The compact lettering in white contrasted legibly on a dark background. We achieved high-quality aesthetics with framing lines that we colored in soft gold tones.

Little by little, we shaped the individual elements of the brand identity into a homogeneous appearance. In doing so, we were guided by the inner image of wealth and opulence as we know them from oriental countries.


Image design

The creation of appealing images is essential for successful design & advertising. That’s why we concentrated on designing images that would show the Orient in all its beauty. Romanticizing impressions of a warm, strange world that were fascinating.


Advertising campaign

In the advertising campaign, we staged a magical story from the world of the Orient. Pictures of a mysterious beauty that meets a desert inhabitant in the desert storm. An invitation to tea with sweet dates as an addition. Emotional images that seduce you to dream and that pleasantly combine with the sweet date products.


Professional Online shop

As the maker of Online shops, we offer profound knowledge and experience for your professional and high-selling online shop. Nicht selten beobachten wir, dass der Aufbau von Shops unterschätzt wird. Therefore only trust us professionals. Because you save time, patience and financial losses. Quality is always affordable. Because you only pay once!

Enjoy the special service of being looked after by the makers themselves. Because as your contact person, I am there for you personally, looking after you 1:1.


Advertising Agency & Web designer

Let professional design & Online advertising support you. We offer you all the services of a full-service advertising agency from a single source. This includes responsive web design and the construction of your professional online shop as well as SEO advertising & Google Ads advertising.

1:1 support by the maker herself. Holistic concepts. Sustainable success. Nice. Successful. Professional.


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