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Professional Graphic Designer

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About the holistic commission for the promotion of the exhibition Traces of the Fairytale King. Ludwig II and the Bavarian State Library in 2011 we were particularly pleased.

Because Marlene Kern Design, Online Advertising Agency, was not only allowed to take over the design of the media for this project, but also the design of various elements of the exhibition itself.

The project volume included the design of the image motif as well as its implementation in poster design, catalogues, flyers, flags, illuminated banners, audio guides, advertisements, web banners and the stamp.

We also took on the design of the exhibition boards, the orientation system and a life-size figure cut of the fairy tale king.


Idea & Visualization

King Ludwig II fascinates people all over the world to this day. Numerous myths surround him. Questions about his life and death remain unanswered. We placed this aspect at the center of our graphic design and found the perfect visualization in the motif of a fingerprint. By projecting this into the portrait of the fairy tale king using a digital collage technique, we created the reference.

Using a duplex technique, we also deepened the hypnotic effect of the portrait of Ludwig II, especially the eyes.


Professional Appearance Consistent in all Media

After defining the design, we implemented it in many different advertising media. In the poster design as well as the cover of the catalogue, the audio guide, flyers, advertisements, flags, web banners, exhibition boards and much more. We also realized the life-size figure cut of King Ludwig II.


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