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Advertising Agency Events

Graphic Design, Appearance & Media Design

Advertising for events – We were particularly pleased about the assignment to design the appearance and all marketing media for the Dance and Theater Festival Rodeo. Marlene Kern Design Branding Agency was once again entrusted with the development of brand design and marketing for one of the most exciting, artistic dance and theater events in the city of Munich.

As part of the Rodeo Festival, dancers and directors present themselves with experimental projects. Innovative, emotional and without adapting to the expectations of more commercially oriented target groups.

The project volume included the design of the corporate identity including logo design, motif development, poster design, program brochure, flyers and invitations. The web design was also created in our design.


Idea and Graphic Design Concept

As an Advertising Agency for events, we developed the title motif using digital collage technology. We merged a photo by the Berlin theater photographer Marion Borriss with our photo of a lighted spinning top. The idea of ​​transferring the meaning of the word Rodeo, namely circling, to the artistic representations of the dancers and actors guided us in developing this motif. Because the conception of artistic performances requires circling around one’s own perceptions and feelings.

The radical choreographies of the artists found their modern color equivalent in the simple black as the dominant color combined with a clear yellow and red.


Poster Design, Program Brochure and Web Design

After the final approval of our design, we formed all desired marketing media in the corporate design. In addition to the poster design in DIN A1 format, we also designed a program brochure in square format, an information flyer and invitation cards. We worked together with Gyöngyi Lupfer to develop the website.


Graphic Designer, Web Designer & Online Marketing Specialist

Marlene Kern Design, Branding Agency offers the creative services of a Design Agency, a Web Agency and an Online Marketing Agency from a single source. With holistic digital brand management, we offer our customers maximum visibility with a high reach in an efficient process.

Thus, we not only design the design of projects and companies, but also implement this in all media. In this way, we create websites, brochures and posters in a uniform brand design and at the same time ensure successful online advertising on all platforms. For example, with online advertising campaigns in social media or with the Google Ads program.

With the creation of concepts and texts, we round off our services into a comfortable overall package.



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