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Top rankings with a complete SEO package

As an Online Advertising Agency, we offer you holistic concepts for design, website design & online advertising. SEO Search Engine Optimization is part of our Online Marketing services. We combine our specialist knowledge in the most important areas for brand development to create a holistic and sustainable concept for success.


Brand strategy & Marketing concept

Brand strategy and Marketing concept are essential when planning your successful brand. Here we analyze your competitors in the market and find the most promising niches for you. In doing so, we target your advertising precisely to your market and target groups right from the start. Maximum Advertising impact for the smallest possible budget. We follow this principle so that you receive the greatest possible benefit.

In our second area, media design, we consistently implement your brand design in web media and print media. This means that we develop your website in WordPress or your shop in the same uniform design as your print media.

With our third area, Online marketing, we place you on the Internet. SEO Search Engine Optimization is an effective lever with which we ensure your visibility on the web.


SEO Search Engine Optimization – Keywords & Content

In order to optimize your website optimally for the search engines, we research the relevant keywords and create the content on this basis. The texts and slogans not only attract new customers with their exciting content, but also promote your homepage to top ranking places on Google.

We’ll place your website from zero to one hundred. Because our recipe for success combines keywords and content dynamically.


SEO Advertising – Online campaign

For your social media postings and ads on Google Ads, we first design an advertising campaign with an appealing theme. We design your SEO Advertising and implement it on Google Ads. In the search network, in the display network and also with Google Shopping ads. On-page and Off-page are all about the keywords you are looking for. By synchronizing these with the requests for your ads, we dynamize your search engine optimization with clicks and conversions.



The further up, you can find in the search engines, the more visitors will find their way to your website. This also means getting to know your company and your offers at all. That’s why the most important goal is to get you to the top of the first Google page as a company.



The search engines love news – fresh content that is up-to-date and interesting. That’s why we set up a blog on your website. This is a good way to provide the search engines with regular news.



We use over 200 levers to ensure that your website or webshop ends up at the top of Google’s organic search. Because that’s what we’re doing to make traffic. This means that we are directing streams of visitors to you.



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