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Have a logo created

Have your logo professionally created. Because it is the most important element in your corporate identity. As an online advertising agency with a focus on design, we create your logo with sensitivity for what is uniquely valuable about your identity. We create your company logo as an elementary part of your brand identity.

Advertising Agency, Marlene Kern Design is a professional logo designer for stylish logos individually tailored to your corporate personality and your industry. We not only draw from new ideas, but also from a diverse repertoire of graphic techniques. With the digital tools on the pulse of time, we shape your trademark in high quality.


Logo designer for Michael Wörle, academic painter

For this project presented here, we were commissioned as logo designer by Michael Wörle, an academic painter. We found it obvious to focus on the painter’s signature. The artist wanted a connection to his signature, with which he authenticates each of his valuable oil paintings.

With the lettering in line quality, we achieved a clear and modern aesthetic that, in our opinion, goes well with the works of the outstanding painter.

We also placed a handwritten line below the lettering, which makes the brand logo a compact shape. We achieved additional support by putting the job title in English and the address of the website in two lines under the lettering. This typographic addition enables contact to the artist and yet appears subtle in a sans serif sans serif.

Michael Wörle also immediately liked the idea of ​​associating the art reference with a red dot. Because which art collector doesn’t know him. The red dot on the most interesting paintings that have just found a new owner. This graphic symbol thus signals the sustainable quality of Michael Wörle’s works of art and intuitively conveys that it would be worth investing in these images.

Michael Wörle had his logo created by Marlene Kern Design on the occasion of the Charity Gala Royale Blue Night in 2019. Since he made his wonderful oil painting Aus dem Wallebecken available for a charitable cause for the donation gala of Baron zu Reckenthal, he was also given a place on the sponsor wall. In the photo with the artist and his work after the successful auction, the brand logo is clearly visible on the top left.


Professional Logo designer – have your logo created

With programs such as Illustrator and Photoshop, we professionally design your brand logo in high quality. We offer you many styles and modern design. Whether as a word mark or figurative mark, whether as a coat of arms, in flat & material design or in 3D optics. In any case, you will receive a unique symbol that represents your company in a first-class way.


Have a family coat of arms created

We would be happy to create your logo in the style of a family crest. To do this, we compose various symbols to form an ensemble that suits you individually. We also coordinate the style and aesthetics with you so that they correspond to your wishes.

Having a family coat of arms created – it is not uncommon to modernize and restore traditional designs. Some parts are often faded or no longer visible. We supplement these carefully, responsibly and with great attention to detail when digitizing.


Flat & Material design

Have a logo created in flat and material design. Both techniques do particularly well on the internet. Because the fine and subtle gradients make your logo appear pleasantly soft on screens. With UX design in flat style and material aesthetics, we turn your company logo into a haptic user experience.


3D optics

Logo designer for your logo in 3D style. This creative technique is an interesting way to expand the one-dimensionality of screens. Because with a 3D logo we conjure up the illusion of elevations and depressions in your logo in the fine play of light and shadow. A spatial illusion that we achieve with the help of Illustrator and Photoshop. Have a logo created – with a sense of space and perspective.


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