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Design Web Online - As a Munich Brands & Web Agency, we offer you full service. Brand design, Media design, Online Marketing. In the area of ​​Media design, we create your website, your shop and your print media.

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Design, Web, Online – the success with which we support you is based on these three pillars. Thought out. High-quality. Sustainable.

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Services / 01 Design / Brand

Graphics, Brand Strategy, Marketing Concept


01 Design / Brand

Company appearance, Appearance, Visual identity

In the play with pictures, shapes, colors & typographic elements we reinvent your appearance. It is the subtleties that create a pleasant effect. We pay special attention to the Graphics of your Brand.

Logo Design

Your Logo is the representative element in your Corporate identity. Because as a symbol, it not only sums up the topic of your business, but much more its value. We pay special attention to the design of your logo so that it can act as a glamorous anchor.


We make design your success factor by visualizing feelings. We use the Adobe Creative Cloud programs for this. We experiment in our Design Lab to define the style that suits you individually.

01 Design / Brand
Brand Strategy

Vision for a sustainable value

Before the graphic design of your brand design, we develop your brand strategy. To do this, we first question the meaning and goal. The analysis of market and market competitors is also one of the first steps in our services. Because on this basis we develop a vision of your brand essence.

Success-oriented context

We then translate this vision into concrete business steps. We put values, goals & target groups in a success-oriented context.

01 Design / Brand

Marketing concept

Planning budget & Advertising measures

Before we start our design work, we create the plan for the most effective marketing concept based on your budget. Website, Online shop & Search engine marketing are undoubtedly the first choice today. Nevertheless, a beautiful poster in public space can also be the right advertising medium for your individual goal.

The best Marketing Concept? Individual!

Multimedia, cross-media or omni-channel? The best Marketing concept is individually tailored to you. It is crucial that it works where your target group is. Ultimately, it is the motif that visually connects Offline & Online.

New ideas? Our specialty!

Original ideas that create interesting references are our specialty. Because even in times of artificial intelligence, a flash of inspiration cannot be produced industrially. We would be happy to come up with an original idea for you.

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Brand Design Munich

Services / 02 Web / Media design

Web design, Shops, Print Media


02 Web / Media Design

Responsive Web Design with WordPress

Beautiful Websites that work successfully

Your Website today is much more than a digital business card. Wonderfully suitable for customer care and also for winning new customers. Maintaining your figurehead on the Internet is definitely worth it.

Web specialists

As a Brands & Web Agency, we are the specialists for everything to do with your website. Our services begin with the choice of domain names, providers & hosting. We create the content and structure it with a view to user-friendly navigation. At the same time, we make your website fit for the first hits in the search engines.

Responsive Websites with WordPress

We work with WordPress to optimize your website for mobile marketing. With beautiful templates we make your website a highlight on the Internet. We create your homepage using the latest technology and use cool functions, features & useful plugins. With us you are in the best hands!

02 Web / Media Design

Shops with Shopware, WooCommerce & Shopify

We recommend – Trade Online!

Online trade is currently experiencing a heyday. No wonder, since webshop operators are among the few winners worldwide. Online trade is booming! Start your own Web shop too. We support you with complex knowledge in the design and implementation of your Online shop


We recommend Shopware for your entry into E-Commerce. A highly professional software with perfect solutions for every requirement in Online trading.


WooCommerce is also a popular software. Rightly so – because it allows you to quickly expand your existing website in WordPress to include shop functions.


Shopify scores with a wealth of beautiful templates and ease of use. The decision for one of these three software depends on the scope of your product range.

Print / Media design

Print Design

Brochures, Posters, Advertising material, Business papers

We are also specialists for the design & production of your Print media. Whether business papers, annual reports, posters, brochures, catalogs, advertisements, advertising material, flags or rollups, we create your print media professionally and in first-class quality.

Print media with a special gloss

For special occasions, we recommend high-quality print finishing. With hot foil stamping, color cutting and lamination, we turn your print products into small works of art.

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Media Design Munich

Services / 03 Online / SEO Marketing

SEM, SEO, SEA, Social signals, Success measurement


03 Online Marketing

SEM, SEO, SEA, Social signals, Success measurement

SEM Search engine marketing

Online Marketing is the greatest sales tool of our time. Every day millions of people search for products & services on the Internet. We know how search engines work. We use this knowledge for you to make searchers aware of your offers.

SEO Search engine optimization (Organic search)

We optimize content, structures and functions in order to guide visitors to your website. Using relevant keywords, we realize your top rankings in the organic Google search. We increase the reach, visibility, sales and growth of websites and shops. Because with it we open the digital marketplace for your success.

SEA Google Ads Campaigns (Paid Advertising)

Search engine advertising does require a budget, but it brings very quick results. We plan, design and implement your ads in the Google search, display, partner, shopping & YouTube network.

Social signals

Social signals are important factors for Google to evaluate relevance. That is why we support you in setting up your social media and online platforms. Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Pinterest, LinkedIn & Co., to name just the most famous. We network them and prepare interesting postings for you. In short, we make sure that Google finds you relevant.

Success measurement

We use Google Analytics and many other instruments to evaluate your data in order to gain valuable knowledge about your target groups. We use these analyzes to refine ads, keywords and online marketing activities.

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